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The 400 team is getting bigger

Naomi joins the 400 Project Management team

As the newest member of the 400 Project Management team, I will be working on projects from inception to completion, ensuring that they are delivered on time and on budget.

Am I an Account person, then? Not really, I will mainly leave the client liaison to Leo and Paul.

A Production Manager? Kind of. It is definitely my responsibility to make sure that the projects in the studio run smoothly and I do my best to keep track of deadlines and schedules.

So, who is Naomi?

Well, I am the little dark-haired Spaniard that you will find in the studio hiding behind her Macbook, her chocolates and Pizza Express vouchers.

I’m a hard worker, and this is not a cliché. I am just too hyperactive to stop for a single second and I will try to keep myself busy all the time.

I am also a bit of a ‘gym rat’ who enjoys a sweaty run after work and uses spinning as her therapy for living – except on weekends, of course. Saturdays and Sundays were made for enjoying food, friends, concerts, exhibitions and naps.

Don’t get me wrong on the healthy lifestyle though, I am also a food lover. In fact, coming from Spain, it is obviously necessary to highlight how much I enjoy a good jamón, tapas and my best-seller, tortilla de patatas. But just a second. There’s more to my culinary tastes than the amazing Mediterranean diet. I can’t get enough of your delicious English cakes and basically any pastry from around the world. I keep experimenting in the kitchen when I have a spare moment, with varying levels of success… After a lot of training though, I have finally learnt how to make a quite nice apple crumble that I normally cook on Sunday evenings to share with my housemates before watching a good (or mediocre) film in our house in South East London.

Cats in our garden, London

And how am I finding London life?

Let’s say this in the nicest way possible: “London is HARD”. I mean, we all know how ridiculously overpriced it is getting a room in this city. The sun is not especially bright and the weather is clearly not the warmest… and you really notice that when you come from a bright sunny little city like Barcelona.

But it is definitely not so bad here. I found the perfect place with the perfect people and I enjoy it the most when the sun comes up and we can go for a lovely walk in any of the amazing parks, or laze in a cafe while having a cappuccino.

The reason I’m in London is to pursue of my career and that is why 400 is so important. With a Master’s degree and a background in psychology, I have worked in administration, HR, recruiting, office management and, more recently in London as a Project manager for companies such as Unilever and Church & Dwight. But I have always been really interested in art and design, which drove me to do a few courses in graphic design in Barcelona and take up Photography my main hobby among others. My Nikon is my beloved baby.

Crystal Palace Lake

Views from the London Bridge

After finishing my Master’s degree I just realised that I needed to apply all my knowledge and experience in an area that I really feel passionate about, surrounded by brilliant, experienced and creative people. People that appreciate the little details of presenting pieces in a pleasing style and a brilliant way, and yes, I was really lucky when I found them here at 400.

And to begin to wrap this up, let me highlight another of my passions (I know, I have  many passions in my life). I crave for music every single day and I need to go to a festival at least once a year. I also try to go to as many gigs I can around the city, which makes my life plenty and my pockets empty.

The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan at Upstairs at the Ritzy, Brixton

But it is always worth it when you are doing what makes you happy, and that is quite a good summary of the person I am.

Beachy Head, England