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Play Well

A fascinating exhibition at the Wellcome Collection — the museum and library for the incurably curious.

The Wellcome Collection is always an intriguing place to visit. After all, they describe themselves as the free museum and library for the incurably curious that aims to challenge how we all think and feel about health.

Our Account Director, Leo, visited their ‘Play Well’ exhibition with his family over the Christmas holidays and was fascinated with its exploration into why we play, how important is it for all of us (young and old), and the impact of play in our lives and society. The exhibition uses displays of historic toys and games, artworks and design to investigate how play develops social bonds, emotional resilience and physical wellbeing.

“The exhibition struck a real chord with me. I’ve often used the idea of play in the learning of new skills and problem solving. It allows you to explore, be creative and practice more freely as it helps to remove the feeling of fear of getting things wrong. Working in the design industry, I feel this is important for me and our team to maintain in our daily approach to work. As the father of three, they are behaviours that I would like to nurture in my children.”

The idea that ‘play’ should form an important part of our lives, especially for those of us in the creative sector, seems to be a hot topic and is explored further in these recent articles:

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Play Well runs at the Wellcome Collection until 8 March.