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Supporting the LGBT community through design for social change

#RainbowLaces #Teampride @stonewalluk @SameTeamJersey #SameTeamJersey

With Pride celebrations in full swing from London to Amsterdam and beyond, companies, industries and individuals are rallying to show their support in celebration of the LGBT community. With sports tournaments taking place all summer long, most notably the 2018 World Cup, LGBT charities are using this time to look to creative design solutions to drive their campaigns and raise awareness of inclusion within sports. Using the World Cup as a springboard, creatives across the world came together to design colourful football jerseys, inspired by the tournament and aimed at raising awareness in the fight against discrimination across the sport.

Image credit: Activista

Spearheaded by LA based ‘social change’ creative agency Activista, both the design and the design process are very much geared towards spreading the message of inclusion and collaboration, with each jersey sporting a band that reads ‘We belong to the same team’ and a design that is both made up of the colours of the rainbow and incorporates team strips from the jerseys of different countries from each of the five continents involved in the World Cup. The shirts were signed by the designers – which included photographer and director Marcos Mello, creative director Floor Wesseling and branding studios from all over the world – and auctioned off on eBay with the proceeds going to a range of LGBT+ charities. In celebration of the community they represent, the jerseys are bold, bright and playful, with specific colour palettes and the application of the iconic rainbow flag being used as a tool for expressing unity, self-expression and pride in diversity.

Needless to say, it’s not only the World Cup that provides a stage for inclusion campaigns. With the new Premiership season having just kicked off we continue to look to the sporting world and its athletes to raise awareness and show support in the fight for equality and against discrimination. Proving that this is a challenge being tackled across the board, further sports-led initiatives are being rolled out across the UK.

Image credit: Stonewall

Stonewall, a UK charity which campaigns for the equality of LGBT people across Britain, has been running its Come Out for LGBT equality event and rainbow shoelace initiative for a number of years, launching a three-year partnership with the premier league in 2017. Looking to tackle transphobia, homophobia and discrimination in sport across all levels, amongst both players and supporters, they distribute and encourage the wearing of rainbow laces. Top athletes have worn their multi-coloured laces to show their support to the cause, and it’s great to see creative design being used to spread a positive message about inclusion.

With creatives increasingly taking the lead in designing for social change we expect to see a lot more initiatives like these soon, not just thinking about how to use design but why we are using it the way we are – to be more effective in terms of impact and influence and to use creative collaboration for a positive outcome.

To buy your own rainbow laces or get involved with one of the many other Stonewall initiatives visit their website now.

#RainbowLaces #Teampride @stonewalluk @SameTeamJersey #SameTeamJersey