British Business Bank

Brand evolution, and design and production of marketing materials to support BBB with their drive to help small to medium businesses access finance.

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The British Business Bank are a government-owned but independently managed business development bank, dedicated to supporting and helping small to medium businesses. Whether it’s start-up finance, investment, or scaling up, the British Business Bank helps gain access to the right capital, facilitating investment in all regions of the UK. They also have a strong focus on providing financing solutions to help small to medium businesses transition to net zero.

In 2019, we won a competitive tender and were appointed as their agency for the design and production of their flagship reports and marketing communications that play a key role in supporting their organisational objectives. This was especially crucial during the COVID-19 lockdown where we designed and produced the communications that promoted the CBILS and BBLS financing that helped keep businesses afloat.

Working closely with the brand and economics teams, we explore the purpose of each communication and consider how the distinctive British Business Bank look and feel can be evolved and adapt to the specific need, while remaining true to the brand identity.

Through the creation of strong, engaging visuals, we illustrate key messages and bring statistics and valuable insights to life. By clearly positioning the British Business Bank as thought leaders who have a wealth of knowledge to support small to medium business, break down particular barriers to finance, and to affect policy changes in Government, they are ultimately making finance markets work better for smaller businesses.

What we did
Report design
Digital design
Social media assets
Accessible design

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