Cash Access UK

Brand identity for a new not-for-profit protecting access to cash in the community.

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As the UK population increasingly opts to manage its money digitally, cash and face-to-face banking services are more under threat than ever as cash machine and branch closures escalate.

Backed by 10 major UK banks and building societies, Cash Access UK supports banking hubs that will ensure access to cash for those who need it most, particularly small businesses, the elderly and vulnerable.

We were approached to create the brand identity for this new, community-focused banking service. The expressive logo marque and typography, vibrant colour palette, bespoke photography and extensive illustration portfolio form the basis for a versatile visual language  that works seamlessly across all applications, from mobile to branches.

The dynamic and accessible branding embodies the positive role that Cash Access UK will have in revitalising local high streets, providing a distinctive sign-post for essential cash and banking services across the UK.

What we did
Brand identity
Print and digital design
Motion graphics
Environmental graphics

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