CHEK – EU Horizon 2020 research project

A forward-thinking visual identity for an EU-funded programme to pioneer the development of zero-emissions shipping.

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With 85% of all trade to and from the UK being transported by sea, the shipping industry plays an important part in all our lives. Modern cargo vessels are overwhelmingly reliant on fossil fuels, however, with international shipping responsible for 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The EU Horizon 2020 CHEK project is proposing to disrupt the way vessels are designed and operated and is developing two full-scale concept designs – a wind energy optimised bulk carrier and a hydrogen powered cruise ship – to demonstrate how emissions could be reduced by 99% and energy savings of at least 50% achieved.

Through workshops, interviews and research we learnt how the symbiosis between new technologies was key to realising this ambitious target, and this informed the distinctive graphic identity which incorporates visual references to the two vessels.

The identity is supported by a brand toolkit featuring contemporary colours and iconography, bold typography and motion graphics, to capture the innovation at the heart of the project, providing a distinctive masthead for the future of shipping.

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