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Brand development and marketing communications for service helping to change the way people and businesses send and receive parcels

Collect+ is helping to change the way people and businesses send and receive parcels. By offering flexibility, convenience and value-for-money they are challenging the status quo of the sector by delivering better, simpler solutions to meet their customers’ needs.

But their lack of brand presence was starting to affect their ability to be taken seriously by businesses or consumers alike. So how did we help them transform their brand and begin to realise their ambition of becoming the best-loved parcel service in the UK?

We began with a review of their existing brand assets, including analysis of all communication materials and brand positioning as well as the competitive landscape. Then, working with senior stakeholders we developed their strategic positioning, brand vision and defined a clear tone of voice and brand values. By ensuring that Collect+ talked like ‘real people’, were forward thinking and collaborative they were able to reinforce their new brand strategy and deliver on their promise of ‘parcels made easy’.

With these building blocks in place, we developed the new brand style and visual and verbal identities, key parts of which included over 100 commissioned photos, a suite of icons and infographics and written guidelines, all to help bring the brand to life and capture how easily Collect+ fits into the busy lives of consumers.

Applied to a comprehensive range of internal, B2B and B2C materials our subsequent work has supported Collect+ through a period of rapid transition and growth in a very short period of time.


  • brand awareness has grown by 29% (from 17% to 22%)
  • the number of retailers and top brands that they work with has risen from around 150 to over 300
  • 23% increase in clients taking up Collect+ services since March 2013
  • significantly increased Net Promoter Score of +42 (an average of only +25 for the sector)
  • improved customer understanding of service offered

“400’s approach has been highly collaborative, taking senior stakeholders with them at all times. The resulting Brand idea very naturally manifests itself across all touch points of our business without the need for constant ‘shoehorning’ – something which in my experience is very rare.

Over the past year the idea has grown with us, and for our customers and clients, the new Brand identity gives a clear and consistent picture as to who we are and who they are working with by strongly representing what we believe in and stand for. 

400’s work has given us the best possible springboard to become the best loved parcel service and a trusted expert who can intuitively meet the needs of our clients and their customers. Whilst at the same time creating a very identifiable and differentiating brand face for us in what could be seen as a grey, unimaginative and unengaging sector.”

Catherine Woolfe, Marketing Director.