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Brand identity and marketing materials for an innovative financial services provider challenging the status quo

Ebury was expanding rapidly and wanted to build a new brand for niche financial sectors where there appeared to be little distinction between competitors and where it seems to an outsider, that everyone is saying and selling the same thing…

Specialising in Trade Finance and ForEx Services, Ebury briefed us to build a brand that challenged the status quo and stood out from the crowd. Their target audiences had an understandable tendency to use traditional financial service providers but did not always understand their often complex products, services and fees. Ebury felt the time was right launch their new offering and capitalise on the opportunity for continued growth and expansion.

But how did they get cut through, avoid using financial sector jargon and clearly communicate to potential customers that they offer the products, level of service, expertise and value that means there’s a better way?

‘Banks’ ‘hidden’ foreign exchange fees confuse 80% of SMEs’


After conducting and brand and competitor audit, we began to build a positioning strategy followed by development of a distinct new identity, colour palette, graphic style, tone of voice and messaging strategy that would support them in realising their long-term ambitions, objectives and vision for growth of the brand.

The resulting brand and creative direction was bold and significant departure from their previous look and feel. Supported with a robust and well-considered strategy, our client declared that they were “reassured with how uncomfortable it made them feel.