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World Lottery Summit & City Guide

Kambi are an innovative Sportsbook operator who are using new technology, new business models and data to transform the future of sports betting and deliver unrivalled user-experience.

We have been working with them for the last few months to design their campaign materials and event stand for the World Lottery Summit in that took place in Singapore recently. Spanning the entire event experience; from initial save the date emails and printed invitations to VIP golf and dinner events; to exhibition stand design, give-aways and event presentations.

In addition to the above, we also designed a limited edition, bespoke City Guide providing readers with the perfect companion for visiting the world’s gambling and gaming hubs. The inspiration behind the Guide was simply Kambi’s desire to share their favourite places so that everyone could enjoy them.

Restaurants were categorised in to the best local spots, sports bars, fine dining, and places to get a good steak, in key destinations for those involved in the gaming industry. The Guide, designed and produced to a high spec, was presented as a gift to key delegates at the event.