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RBB Economics

Brand development and tone of voice for global leader in competition economics

RBB Economics is a world-leading consultancy specialising in competition economics. Combining intellectual rigour with practical knowledge and technical economic skills, their expertise has been employed by major companies in some of the most complex and high-profile cases around the world.

However, their brand and communications were disparate and unfocussed, not matching the confidence and calibre of their work. We made sure their brand communications matched their expertise.

The first stage of this process was a key messaging workshop, designed to find out what made the firm tick, what they wanted to communicate, and what set their business apart. We used the insights that the workshop provided to shape a new RBB ‘elevator pitch’, key messaging script and core values document.

From this we were then able to develop comprehensive brand guidelines, a new corporate brochure and fully-responsive website that reflected the true purpose and personality of RBB Economics. These directed an extensive portfolio of literature including event and recruitment collateral, corporate literature and whitepapers (all typeset in multiple languages), merchandise and environmental graphics.

“400 really helped us to focus our thoughts on where we’re going and how we want to be perceived. They led us through a really engaging and valuable self-assessment process, and then converted this experience into some really excellent key messaging and value propositions. The brochure and web content they crafted was spot-on and expertly captured who we are and what we do.”

Simon Bishop, Partner and Co-Founder, RBB Economics