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Russell Group

Corporate brochure and report in to understanding and overcoming the barriers to university access

We were approached by the Russell Group to help them design and print a new corporate brochure to act as a PR piece among their audiences in the higher educational sphere. The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities which are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and unrivalled links with business and the public sector, so improving their visibility and influence was key to their business. 

The result was their new ‘Profile’ brochure which, through the use of strong typography and infographics, clearly communicates the work of the organisation in representing the UK’s top universities and helping them to compete on an international stage to attract the brightest minds from around the world to study, research and teach.

Following the success of the Profile brochure, we were then asked to design a two part report on understanding and overcoming the barriers to university access. Part one explored the root causes of under-representation; Part two focused on How Russell Group universities are working to help solve the problem of under-representation.