Visual identity refresh for the global health agency driving innovative solutions for quick and affordable prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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Following a strategic shift in focus from access and innovation to Unitaid’s impact, a new tagline “Save lives faster” was developed to capture a greater sense of confidence, emotion and urgency.

We revitalised the visual identity to reflect this bold, forward-thinking and ambitious new positioning, with modernised typography, an energized colour palette, and dynamic graphic elements emphasising speed and action.

We introduced engaging new photography and illustrative content to add personality and a contemporary edge, and developed comprehensive guidelines and a versatile brand toolkit to ensure the consistent communication of Unitaid’s mandate, helping to improve visibility and distinguish the organisation in the global health space.

As they continue to save lives through groundbreaking medical products, the new visual identity is a testament to their renewed commitment to health and the millions around the world who benefit from their vital work.

What we did
Brand identity
Motion graphics
Print and digital design
Communications toolkit

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